Single tickets to this performance are not currently available for purchase online. For details about availablity, please refer to the organization’s website by following one of the links in the footer.

Mamma Mia!

Wednesday, July 18, 2018 8:00PM


  • RESERVED LAWN seating is divided into tiered grass levels. You are welcome to bring blankets and low-back lawn chairs (with seats no more than 6 inches from the ground, and the back no higher than shoulder level).
  • RESERVED CHAIR seating consists of tiered rows with plastic chairs for seating.
  • BOXES offer premium seating for six and MINI-BOXES offer premium seating for four. Both the Box and the Mini-Box offer you chair seating with a table for your picnic dinner.
    • You MUST select six for your quantity when purchasing a Box.
    • You MUST select four for your quantity when purchasing a Mini-Box.
  • GENERAL ADMISSION HILLSIDE is a sloped grass seating area; first come gets first pick of seating in this area and patrons are welcome to spread out a blanket or pillow to sit on.

  • If a section is not listed below, all seats in that area have been purchased.

Mamma Mia!